AI Embedded Platforms to Unify Marketing and eCommerce

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Epic Commerce

An omnichannel commerce platform designed to unify your inventory throughout all points of purchase both online and in stores. Featuring an AI recommendation engine and automated decision making.

Starting at:
$29 / Month

store locator proximity marketing software


A proximity marketing application designed to display location oriented advertisements in real time, ensuring your advertising campaign reaches the right audience for maximum conversions. Put your store on the map!

Starting at:
$49 / Month

Sapphire website design tool and CMS WYSIWYG editor display content


An intelligent website editor designed to easily modify any page's content and appearance without the need for technical web development skills. Allows custom code input for easy integration with your existing site.

Starting at:
$4 / Month

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omnichannel commerce

Automated Omnichannel


Leverage technology to automate your omnichannel commerce system.

omnichannel commerce

Omnichannel Marketing


Combine marketing and commerce to convert more customers.

omnichannel commerce

Hyperlocal Marketing


Discover hyperlocal marketing, for driving traffic into your stores.

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