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Retailers need to be concerned with three main metrics

Customer Acquisition Cost

In order to thrive, you constantly need new customers coming in the doors. At what cost does it take to get one customer to purchase?


Purchase Frequency

If you acquire a customer once, you need multiple purchases to become profitable from this customer. How can we get customers to buy more frequently?

Customer Lifetime Value

Using a formula we have developed over two years and through more than 70 retailers, we have come up with effective methods to drive more customers through the doors.

How Do We Get Results For You?

Using a formula we have developed over two years and through more than 70 retailers, we have come up with a proven method to drive more customers through the doors. When employing this method, you can expect a 20-30% sales growth in just 3 months time!

Part 1Drive Customers To the Top of the Funnel

Utilizing local based social campaigns, we run targeted ads on the top social networks to get new customers visiting your website, and refine our targeting criteria based on data to achieve your intended goals.

  • Test various social channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

  • Set conversion goal, implement tracking code within website.

  • Optimize keyword/targeting criteria.

  • Test various methods of delivery for effectiveness (social benefit, email capture, website click etc.).

  • Incorporate loyalty program.

  • Content creation assistance for specific targeted audiences.

Part 2Capture Customers Info for Continued Conversion

Now that we have brought the customer to your site, we implement an information capture system. Capable of gathering on average 20% more emails than through traditional methods!

  • Intelligently pops up at the right time to ensure it’s effective.

  • Attempts to capture email throughout different methods/places/times for higher likelihood of getting the lead.

  • Instantly connects to your email automation system.

  • Optimize collection via A/B testing and custom designed email capture forms.

Part 3Generate Leads With Exclusive Emails

Customers who choose to receive your emails, are much more likely to respond to them when the email is personalized, contains high value information, and offers customers something to make them feel exclusive.

  • Subject line creation is key. Must excite, intrigue, and require action.

  • Email should be short, with high value offering contained within a simple, modern design.

  • Only one, clear call to action

  • A/B test constantly, use data to optimize content

  • Segment lists according to location/purchase history

  • Personalize with email automation scripts

  • Relevant to their shopping trends

In order to maximize the effectiveness, add PROXIMO!

Designed to convert customers on the spot, Proximo works in real time via geolocation to show customers where they are in relation to your stores. Add an incentive, and watch customers roll in

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