Store Locator to Connect Online and In Store Marketing

Mobile Targeting and information collection


Beacons to capture and transmit relevant advertising information


Data collection using wifi and IP


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Attract customers through a store locator that presents relevant products and offers.




How Does it Work?

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What Are Some Proximo Use Cases?


Department Stores

Sporting Goods

Clothing Stores

Electronics Stores

Toy Stores

Service Stations


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They want new customers to easily see all their available locations, with the system offering anyone within 5 miles of their 5 new southeast stores a 10% off coupon on their meal for limited time.

restaurant implementation
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A department store chain wants to draw more mall visitors in through their app, so they use geo location to target anyone in the area, while placing 5 beacons throughout any individual store to convert customers through their app while shopping.

department store implementation
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A small chain of sporting goods stores wants to convert more customers to their stores. They implement Proximo and utilize location awareness to help customers find their closest store, while giving a real-time offer on a recently searched product when they navigate in.

sporting goods implementation
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A small boutique wanted to offer products available in-store, on their website. They connected Proximo to their inventory system to alert customers of products available nearby to them, with in-store pickup or faster shipping options.

clothing store implementation
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An electronics store wanted more conversion, so they combined their product set and real-time location targeting ability on to help customers find the item they were searching for nearby.

electronics store implementation
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Several Toy and Hobby stores we’re interested in making their application more aware. Through Proximo they added beacons and location markers to their app. This made more customers come to their store spur of the moment, while the beacons triggered relevant information and timely offers.

toy and hobby store implementation
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A gas station chain was struggling to help customers on the highway find them. Through an easier site, and geo-location provided by Proximo, they automatically increased sales.

convenience store implementation
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In almost all cases Proximo can make it easier for customers to find and connect with your stores while on the go. Create automated targeting campaigns and watch your sales go up.

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Attract New Sales to Your Stores

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Add Locations and Offers

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Optimize Your Campaign

Proximo automatically optimizes and updates your campaigns to perform.

Sell More Products, Combine Location-Aware Marketing and Commerce



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