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Leverage Epic Commerce - a first of it’s kind commerce system which combines data, AI, and programming logic to deliver personalized, highly relevant shopping experiences


Epic Commerce

Intelligent Commerce Knows The Customer

Data Collection

Data Collection

Pattern Recognition


From the moment a user enters your website more than 20 data points are collected from both on and off page sources.

  • Location data via IP and GPS

  • Cached browsing data

  • Purchase history

  • Social media data

  • Prior on-site interactions

  • Email responses / conversions

Our AI system evaluates collected data to identify products which are most relevant to the shopper. Items deemed relevant are displayed more prominently in the online marketplace, and in advertisements.


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Personalize the Shopping Experience

  • Location Data

  • Boston, MA

  • Social Data

  • 25 Likes, 13 Brands

  • Cart Data

  • 1 Abandoned, 3

  • Cached Data

  • 12 Items Shopped in Last 24 hrs.

  • Email Data

  • 54% Open, 15% Click-through

  • Purchase Data

  • 15 Purchases, $1475


How Does Epic Commerce Benefit Retailers?

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Looking for a Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce or Other Alternative?

Increase purchase frequency and conversion rates for your site with smarter software and better tools.

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You'll have the freedom to run referrals, location based messaging, event-based triggers and a whole lot more natively, without 100 other add-ons.

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Epic Commerce starts at the same price as the others, yet it delivers far superior value...

Omnichannel to the Core

Epic Commerce makes it easier to sell online, in-store, or through other marketplaces for maximum exposure

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Location Relevant




Left In Cart


Opened In Email


In "Cookies"




Location Relevant

Products which are seasonal, in-store locally, or geographically exclusive will be shown more frequently based on the customer’s profile preferences.


Using past purchase history, Epic Commerce finds similar products and presents these to customers based on similar purchases by others, and factors that rank high to this customer.

Left in Cart

Products that were previously abandoned without purchase or which have been left in the cart for longer periods of time will be served up front to stimulate completing the purchase.


When customers open your emails, this information is tracked. Epic Commerce then uses this, and presents these products more than others based on the customer's profile.


When customers shop the web, we can use this to make smarter recommendations based on their search trends on other websites to complete the purchase on your page.


When customers like products, or they have been mentioned in tweets, comments, or shared with friends, they will receive products based on these social cues.

Intelligent-recommendation-algorithm Intelligent-recommendation-algorithm

Black Rosey Knotted Split Skirt

Patriots Striped Legging

3 in store

Only 1 in store

Make checkout faster, and more intuitive


A Smarter Cart

Utilizing an AI algorithm, Epic Commerce makes cross-selling suggestions to the customer, with a simple “Add to Purchase” button. This is all relevant to this customer in real-time.


Frictionless Buying

Customers information is automatically filled after the first transaction, allowing for 1 click checkout with automated email and text updates. While in-store pickups are handled seamlessly through the customer's phone.



Inventory is synced across all points of sale, and customers can see the availability of products in stores closest to them. Each shipping option and cost is clearly laid out in front of them.

Give Customers an Incentive to Promote Leads


Hi Katie, Thanks For Your Recent Purchase

Earn Free Merch When You Share With Friends, Get 3 Friends to Buy $20 or more, earn $20 credit

Logic Based Commerce

Automated Event-Based Triggers


Event: Abandoned Cart


Event: Abandoned Cart

AI-profiling intelligent-recommendations


Event: Sales Items


Event: Sales Items

sale event AI-customer-profile


Event: Share Count


Event: Share Count

AI-social-media-share sale item

Solution Overview

Intelligence from the Core

  • The AI system collects data during each visit, completing a more accurate profile of the customer with each subsequent visit.

  • Artificial intelligence, the system incorporates machine learning algorithms to better understand customer trends.

  • Automatically detects who a user is

  • Collects data from social media, past purchases, location, email interactions, cart abandonment, and cached search data.

  • Evaluates all information to generate an Epic profile, which can be used to targeted more accurately.

  • Only timely, relevant products are advertised based on the customer profile.

Epic Omnichannel Commerce

  • Support transactions via any POS

  • Pickup In Store

  • Ship from Store

  • Ship from Warehouse

  • Accept returns anywhere, premade return labels

  • Postmates 1-hr. delivery 1ntegration optional

Integrate Everywhere


Twilio for Text Updates


Mailgun for Email Automation


Magento Simple Migration


Shopify Simple Migration


BigCommerce Simple Migration


Braintree Payment Processing


Stripe Payment Processing


Easypost Shipping

Smarter CRM and Marketing

Updates itself

Anytime your customers visit your site, add new information to their profile, abandon a cart, etc. Epic Commerce tracks and stores it to make relevant, timely, and actionable offers to this customer in the future.

Smarter Email

Create new templates or use the Epic Commerce branded templates which pre-form with your stores colors/logo/and design. Emails are delivered according to actionable events:

  • New Customer

  • Cart Abandoned

  • New Purchase

  • Weekly Updates

  • New, Relevant Product

  • Relevant Sales

  • Product Price Reduction

Collects Data Off Site

Epic Commerce gathers data from both on and off site sources. Which means it will have a much better understanding of the customers needs than a traditional eCommerce utility.

Epic Cloud Based Commerce


Sync your inventory across all points of sale. Accept transactions via web, mobile, and in store through the unified system, while allowing customers in store to use their mobile devices for an augmented shopping experience.

Email and Text Automation

On time texts

Automated text delivery from Twilio ensures your customers know when and where their package will be delivered.

Admin Notifications

When orders come through, you’ll be ready with instant text / email alerts.

Email Confirmations

Customers who need records will be happy to receive automated billing and product purchases

Easier Admin Management

Add/Edit Internal Admins

View essential metrics

Add/Edit/Delete Inventory

Import New Inventory

Update Omnichannel Settings

Create product variations

Set text/email preferences

Adjust Automation Settings

Epic Commerce Referrals and Social (beta)

Share and Get

Provide an incentive for customers to share your products, give them store credit and .

Social Simplicity

Make it easy for customers to share your products via referral links and emails, or on social media.

Simplified Order Management

Order Transparency

Purchase invoice are maintained within the software, sent to the customers phone via SMS, and emailed.

Track Shipments

Tracking numbers can be automatically updated, so customers always know when their purchase will arrive.

Export with Ease

Need to analyze purchase data, export it all from specified dates to achieve whatever insights you need.

Innovative Cart by Design

The checkout experience for customers need's to be easy, straightforward, and pleasing. Epic Commerce achieves this fluidly through a smart cart which pre-fills information and allows for 1-step checkout through your preferred payment provider.

Smart Cart

Your cart communicates with the Epic Commerce CRM to adjust when and what to send to customers to encourage more purchases.

Shipping Methods

Location is automatically determined, along with shipping rates, and in-store pickup availability

One-Click Checkout

Make it so easy to buy, customers can’t refuse. Prior customers information is stored securely so checkout is a breeze next time they purchase.

End-to-End Security

Protecting the Epic Commerce system is an end-to-end fortress of 512-bit encryption. No data is stored within the server, but rather in a “vault”, an invisible data warehouse that prevents attackers from finding your data.

Add-On: Epic Subscription Service (beta)



We’ve made it simple to add this feature to any storefront, by simply adding the option to any item.


All the legwork is done for you, you just need to pack the product and ship as normal, while collecting revenue the whole time.

How does Epic Commerce Stack Up Against Other eCommerce Solutions?

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