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So, Magento sucks and you need an alternative

Magento can keep totally overwhelming, clunky, and sometimes Magento sucks. Let's check out the best replacement.


5 Crucial things to consider when Building an eCommerce Marketplace

When choosing to build an eCommerce marketplace, you'll be wise to keep these five things in mind before doing so


5 simple ways to connect and automate your eCommerce business with Zapier

Learn how to automate your Epic Commerce storefront through automated workflows that connect with the software your already using.


Overpower the competition with logic and AI [eBook]

Understand the underpinnings of modern retail with this eBook. Here we dive deep into logic and AI based commerce with more than 100 facts.


Epic Commerce - A logic based video introduction

Take a dive into the first system behind logic based commerce. Epic Commerce. Accelerate your retail and online commerce efforts. Start here.


Intro to Epic Commerce video series

Take a dive into the Epic Commerce logic based commerce system to get a feel for what it's like to run it within your omnichannel setting.


JCPenney: what would it take to rebound this retail giant?

Discover the demise of JCP and what it takes to rebound. Here's an inside look at how and why JPCPenney could right the ship.


How to Automate eCommerce Sales with Epic Commerce

Automate eCommerce sales through event based message delivery with the Epic Commerce platform from Orkiv.


eCommerce AI, the new wave of commerce?

Go on a ride to discover the use cases and facts behind eCommerce AI and how it works for merchants and consumers alike. [Infographic] included


If you're ready to invest, should you use a platform like Shopify, or create something from scratch or...?

For building an ecommerce website, if one is ready to invest, should he/she invest in an ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce or invest in a professional ecommerce website developer who would help in building a custom ecommerce website?


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Orkiv - Retail Technology to Find and Convert Local Customers

Orkiv’s local targeting platform and retail technology enable retailers to attract more local customers, increase average order value and maximize lifetime value.
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Product description: An omnichannel ecommerce solution
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Product description: Convert More Customers While Maintaining a Stunning Site With Ease
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Product description: A new platform to help you find and convert customers around the local area of your stores.