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The Great Retail Apocalypse: Which Retailers aren't Losing?

This is not a good year for retailers as a whole. However, we took a look at which retailers aren't losing to discover their secrets.


How do I set up and PROFIT from an eCommerce site?

eCommerce presents many challenges and most fail so here we will look at how to set up and profit from an eCommerce site.


Online Marketplaces: What are they?

Online marketplaces facilitate the exchange of goods, services, or things between the seller and buyer acting as a platform to do so.


5 Crucial things to consider when Building an eCommerce Marketplace

When choosing to build an eCommerce marketplace, you'll be wise to keep these five things in mind before doing so


Nike: a fitness media empire or shoe retailer?

Explore the inner depths of Nike's mobile commerce strategy which interestingly enough makes it one of the largest fitness media brands in the world.


Best Uses of AI in Retail

Is AI coming to save retail? This roundup of the most innovative uses of AI in retail will help you answer this question.


Overpower the competition with logic and AI [eBook]

Understand the underpinnings of modern retail with this eBook. Here we dive deep into logic and AI based commerce with more than 100 facts.


The Best Retail Store Ideas You Can Implement

Here are the top retail store ideas to increase customers coming through with higher purchase value and frequency.


Home Depot: Where do they stack up in the omnichannel battleground?

A recent encounter with Home Depot's omnichannel experience delivered and exciting refresh, with a few drawbacks, into the new retail.


Farfetch releasing an operating system for physical retail | Future of Retail

Farfetch, the "unicorn" of the retail world, has designed a beta version of their future of retail store, what does this mean for others?


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Orkiv - Retail Technology to Find and Convert Local Customers

Orkiv’s local targeting platform and retail technology enable retailers to attract more local customers, increase average order value and maximize lifetime value.
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