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eCommerce AI, the new wave of commerce?

Go on a ride to discover the use cases and facts behind eCommerce AI and how it works for merchants and consumers alike. [Infographic] included


Case Study How Hannafords handles the retail remodel and what you can learn

Explore my experience shopping at a Hannaford's under construction to support drive through online order pickup. Learn what you can do better!


30 Jackie Chan Kung Fu Website Coversion Tactics to 3 Fold Sales [Infographic]

Want to 3x sales through experimentation. Use this Jackie Chan website conversion guide to give you the keys and test to perform within your site.


If you're ready to invest, should you use a platform like Shopify, or create something from scratch or...?

For building an ecommerce website, if one is ready to invest, should he/she invest in an ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce or invest in a professional ecommerce website developer who would help in building a custom ecommerce website?


Smarter Commerce - The Key to an Easier Life?

Smarter commerce means automation and easier work for you. Utilize smarter commerce systems in your organization to accomplish more, faster.


So you need a Magento Alternative

If Magento isn't quite cutting it, or you simply want to try something new for your commerce operations, try Epic Commerce as a Magento alternative.


A better Shopify Alternative

If Shopify isn't quite cutting it, or you simply want to try something new for your commerce operations, try Epic Commerce as a better Shopify alternative.


Do you Fully Utilize Intelligent Commerce for Omnichannel?

Understand and leverage the power of intelligent commerce systems for your retail operations.


What are some innovative ways people utilize hyper local marketing?

Explore the world and technologies of hyper local marketing. Put hyper local marketing to work for you after seeing the innovative uses contained herein.


Retail and eCommerce Math Essentials

Here you'll find the absolute best cheat sheet for retailer and eCommerce math essentials. From markdown to profitability and everything in between.


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Orkiv - Retail Technology to Find and Convert Local Customers

Orkiv’s local targeting platform and retail technology enable retailers to attract more local customers, increase average order value and maximize lifetime value.
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29.00 USD In stock
Product description: An omnichannel ecommerce solution
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Product description: Convert More Customers While Maintaining a Stunning Site With Ease
49.00 USD In stock
Product description: A new platform to help you find and convert customers around the local area of your stores.