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A better Shopify Alternative

12-29-2016 - 3,100

So you need a better Shopify Alternative?

By now this answer is a year or so old so I'€™m guessing the size/needs of the business has potentially changed. I want to present a better Shopify alternative, that, rather than just being competitive on price, is actually more flexible and powerful. The solution is AI Optimized eCommerce - ORKIV and there is a free trial to check out the software. We call it Epic Commerce, and it'€™s for good reason. This commerce system was designed out of frustrations with the limited ability of most eCommerce systems to adapt, personalize, and convert more customers via smarter software. And it starts at $29/month :-)

All eCommerce sites are going to provide the basics such as product information, categories, checkout, payment gateway etc. but not all are going to be able to respond and react to website visitors based on data relating to this customer such as email opens, past purchase, abandonment, cached search history, social/referral, and location. This is where you may feel you need a better Shopify alternative. Believe me, if you think data doesn'€™t make a difference, notice how most of the very top retailers operate Demandware. It'€™s because this system, like Epic Commerce adapts to each customer visiting the site, providing only the most relevant, recommended products to that customer in order to convert them more often and become a better Shopify alternative. This adds up and becomes important for even a small eCommerce site.

One might think this functionality would come at an extremely high cost, but we'€™ve managed to keep your investment to a minimum while still leveraging Fortune 500 commerce tactics. Here'€™s an outline of the features we'™ve put in a better Shopify alternative by default:

  • Omnichannel to the core: hold separate products at different locations for buy-online, pickup in-store, ship from store etc.
  • Complete product profile and barcode scanner to add/edit product via any smartphone simply by scanning the barcode (or change details directly)
  • Unlimited categories/subcategories
  • REST API (Java, Python, Obj-C, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, GoLang)
  • Automated referral system
  • Social sharing incentives (ex. share and get $5 off)
  • Dynamic coupons
  • Shipping through over 30 providers (Free over x amount, flat rate, or specified by any particular customer segment)
  • Multi-currency/language (Google translate)
  • Stripe/Braintree Payments as native payment gateways
  • Powerful event-based conversion (ex. places item in cart, leaves, then drives near the store and receives an email/text to complete the order in store; recent search history reveals they looked at a brown shoe, Epic Commerce sends out an email to alert them of that same shoe available on your site with a coupon to buy in the next 24 hours)
  • Order management and alerts via text/email
  • Reporting dashboard for detailed sales analysis and User reporting dashboard to understand who is buying, where they come from, and how they respond to your automated messages.

There you have it, one of the most powerful Shopify alternative available, starting at only $29/month. You will however, need someone technical to implement or you can reach out to a [email protected] where we'€™ll set you up with this system and any HTML theme for only $499 or get a completely custom site/functionality starting at $2999!

So, if you want to see real results from a better Shopify alternative, go ahead and give Epic Commerce a try where you're guaranteed to see higher conversions and purchase frequency with smarter software.

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