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What are some innovative ways people utilize hyper local marketing?

12-13-2016 - 1,114

Hyper local marketing as it's commonly referred to is utilized in more and more ways, particularly when it comes to retailing. My company has done a lot to make it easy for retailers to attract and sell locally using smarter software and location aware utilities. Here are a few of my own thoughts on the space, where it might be headed, and how we can push this market even further.

First of all, hyper local is very broad and could include everything from Tinder to Groupon but not all of these are truly what I would label as hyper local systems designed to fully utilize all the location aware functionality available. For this reason, I will focus the majority of this breakdown on the platforms and tools which help to facilitate hyper local marketing on behalf of the client being served. Now, there are also several different targeting radius'€™ for hyper local marketing we'€™ll think of as micro (0-€“20cm like NFC, RFID), then you have close range (1-€“100 meters like beacons and other BLE applications), finally you have local range (500 meters-100+ miles like geolocation and IP detection).

Beacons- These small Bluetooth-powered devices are small in shape and act as a real-time sensor for anything passing by which accepts the Bluetooth message being sent out. One of the most innovative uses for this in retail comes from the Swirl platform which interfaces with beacons to provide a marketing suite of relevant shopper statistics including time spent per category, online to offline attribution and offline to online attribution. This utilizes beacons for their nearby targeting capability, and data gathering sensitivity. Alternatively, we utilized beacons in combination with a mall operator to allow each store it’s own beacon, that visitors of the mall app interact with for directions and special offers as they walk around the mall.

Hyper local website - You'€™re website can now act as a hyper local marketing center, though the targeting radius can range from very close to extremely far away. The technology behind this is geolocation and IP detection. Geolocation is the process of determining location via digital information processed via the internet. One powerful use case for this technology can be seen in Proximo. Proximo, once embedded in a website, has the power to notify any website visitor of their closest available store (or other location) with an incentive to buy local product, pickup items, join the event etc. with a real-time click to navigate. This technology is also enabled to show local products or to gather a localized email list via Mailchimp.

Radio Frequency- This fancy term has made it'€™s appeal within the shipping and cargo industry for a variety of reasons but there are many other use cases in store. RFID, as it's known can be contained within a shipping label to identify, track, and update the information contained within the RFID chip. This enables a RFID sensor to tell when a particular ID has passed it. You can see the application with shipping providers having the object tracked automatically with RFID sensors as it moves along its journey, eliminating the need to even scan a product. In another example of the use of this technology, we are experimenting with utilizing this in store, so customers would be able to simply place products in their cart, and upon finishing shopping they would go to their smartphone, scan their fingerprint to a connected card/bank and pay for each item automatically, then simply walk out of the store. A whole new shopping experience.

NFC- Similar but different to radio frequency, NFC is meant for shorter term location, as in 0-20cm. The most common application of this is with the contact-less payments at many checkout registers. There are other uses such as security clearances, NFC tags etc. but by far the most popular use case right now is with contact-less payments.

In the near future look for all the hyper local marketing capabilities to combine into a all-in-one network which knows about all people, places and things around you to present who or what you want all in the moment as it’s happening. This is the vision we aim to achieve and will continuously be updating our own technologies and applications in order to deliver the best possible hyper local solutions. For any questions, comments or to employ hyper local marketing solutions for yourself reach out to a [email protected]

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