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Retail and eCommerce Math Essentials

12-10-2016 - 3,357

Essential metrics every retail or eCommerce operator should use as a reference. 

Many of these you should be familiar with, they are at the basis of all retailers operations and help us determine what makes sense from a numbers perspective. Utilize this as a resource guide in case you get stuck, or want to figure out where you stand on a particular metric. Enjoy and please share if you like it! As always, with any particular question of solution you may be looking to solve, reach out to a [email protected] and we'll help you out right off. 

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Orkiv - Retail Technology to Find and Convert Local Customers

Orkiv’s local targeting platform and retail technology enable retailers to attract more local customers, increase average order value and maximize lifetime value.
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Product description: A new platform to help you find and convert customers around the local area of your stores.