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10 ways to have more fun and greater success this year

01-02-2017 - 1,481

New Year, New Tactics and Better Ideas

I was pondering what to write about that might leave any potential reader more enlightened and ready for the new year. Then it hit me, it seems like the posts which get the most response are one's containing actionable examples of what people have done to enhance their current position would probably be the most valuable. Whether that position is how to go from $1 to $1,000,000 in eCommerce sales in one year, or it's how you can lose ten pounds in 10 days, there are some great examples of people accomplishing things, that perhaps we could all take a lesson from. So, this post, while still retail related, has a few methods of accomplishing results in many different areas of life. And without further adieu here's a very helpful, somewhat random assortment of valuable tips, tricks, stories, and facts.

  1. Want to lose more weight? One of the easiest ways to lose more weight without having to adjust your whole life is to simply remember 30 in 30. Take 30 grams of whey protein within 30 minutes of waking up. This tip from Tim Ferriss is effective because it fills your body up with enough "meat" so you won't have those hunger pains all day. Simple effectiveness.
  2. Need extra income? Besides boosting your retail operations, you can always put an extra room up in your house on AirBnb. I did this while living in Boston for a while, and boy does it pay off financially aside from meeting cool international travelers.
  3. Want to convert more customers on your website? Implementing something like Epic Commerce will automatically convert more customers by utilizing smart event-based conversions. This recognizes actions taken by potential customers on your site to convert them more often by delivering relevant product based on that event. See the commerce system taking retail by storm.
  4. Data dominates. Collecting data on your customers will help you learn more about where your customers come from, what they do on your site, products they like, needs, wants, and more. Start doing it simply with Google analytics crossed with Heatmaps.
  5. The easiest way to enhance your site. Implement something like SumoMe (free) which is a smarter email capture system.
  6. Want an awesome book to expand your thinking? Read Tools of Titans: insight from 200 world-class performers
  7. Need more foot traffic to stores? Implement this free tool to identify where visitors are in relation to your closest store, with an incentive to navigate in.
  8. Gain a 2-year education while driving. Over a year period, if you average 8 hours of driving weekly you'll have 417 hours of education by listening to audiobooks/educational YouTube videos.
  9. Want to turn customers into marketers for your business? Implement a referral system which offers rewards for each time someone purchases from that unique referral link. This is the single most effective way to increase your customer base from existing customers.
  10. Automate your life? With tools like IFTTTEpic Commerce, and Fiverr, you can do just that.

It's not a lot but sometimes a little bit can go a long way. I hope if nothing else these tips and tricks give you a creative way to start the new year. Oh, and yes, I do (or have) done all of these things on this list. In all reality, a new year is really just a new day, it does not mean anything special unless we use it as such. For some, the simple mental switch is all we need to make things happen. Let this small, but powerful email be that switch for you.

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